Logo story

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We tried to design and create a logo that, without any previous insight, would provide an impression to express the Spirit of the Fruit Route.

The Spirit is all about an inward curving road, which awakens the feeling of infinity, durability and eternity, therefore trying to express the properties of the everlasting nature. The winding road in the middle of the symbol, on a turf-green field, ergonomically placed between three hills, typical to the countryside, below the blue skies of August and a brilliant golden apple all try to transpose the feeling that the viewer would actually feel and live in these landscapes.

The golden apple and its well-defined beams is a unification of the symbols borrowed from the szekler folk tradition of headboard carving. This is how it embodies the life-giving Fruits, the Light, the Deity, which we perhaps have to pursuit in the eternity of nature, beyond the hills, at the end of the road, or maybe just within ourselves, to try and bring it back to life.

All this Mystery and Spirituality is reflected by the image of a tree shaped by the road, expressing the ancestral and the respect for tradition that can be felt in the noble simplicity of the true szekler people; at the same time, it is associated to the szekler saying according to which fruits grow in trees and even if they fall, hopefully they do not fall far from their trees.