Etiquette for behavior

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In order for the villages and landscapes visited during the Fruit Road of Udvarhelyszék not to get affected, we consider imperative the compliance with the following recommendations:

  • When in villages, or even just outdoors, walk around in a quiet, calm manner, making sure to disturb as little as possible the everyday life of the local communities or the surrounding natural life;
  • Respect the world of local customs, try to humbly  understand the region and surroundings;
  • Whenever taking photographs or making videos, please be courteous to the locals desire to contribute;  
  • Do not consume any fruits from the crops of the privately owned orchards without the expressed permission of the owners;
  • During the fruit-tasting with the expressed consent of the owners, pay increased attention to preserving the integrity of the trees;
  • Respect private property;
  • Do not go off the designated routes with concern to the surrounding arable lands;
  • Please take any garbage or waste that may occur during the visit and place them in the garbage collectors particularly placed for this purpose;

Why pay attention to this?

Because if we do not, then directly or indirectly, we can contribute to the destruction of exactly the same local values, that urged You to come and visit this region.

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